Braden & Justin Gregory

  • We first met Gerry and Vera during group dance lessons for my brother’s wedding last year. They did such a great job, providing personal attention to each of us. We were all at different levels of ability and they dealt with that very well- sticking with the beginners teaching them the basic steps over and over until we got it. Then taking the more advanced people in our group and teaching them more advanced steps to add onto the basic, so they would stay engaged and have fun too! They helped us gain confidence, and we had a great time in the process.
  • Now, a year later, with the same group, we came back for more lessons for my own wedding. Most of us had forgotten what we learned the previous year, and they were so patient with us all. Gerry and Vera are excellent teachers and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn something new, or perfect something old!
  • Gerry and Vera also provided us with DJ/Emcee services at our wedding, and did a fantastic job. They were timely, thorough, organized, and on top of everything. Gerry answered my questions promptly throughout the planning process, which was great. Then I basically just handed them a song list and a timeline- and they took care of everything from there, providing for a completely stress-free event! It was fantastic.
  • They did an excellent job reading the crowd and catering the music to the people there, so that everyone kept dancing and having a great time. They even set up a mic for our ceremony, which we decided last minute that we wanted. We were so pleased with everything.
  • Gerry and Vera went above and beyond our expectations, and we are so grateful that they were apart of our wedding day!

Braden & Justin Gregory