Hillary & Topher Rowenhorst


  • SEAMLESS.  If I had to choose one word to describe the way that Gerry and Vera handled our wedding day, this would be it.   They took care of everything! From mic’ing our outdoor wedding ceremony on top of a mountain (in a location that had no power nonetheless).   To orchestrating our reception, which most of our guest called “the best party they have ever been to”.
  • Not only did DAM productions provide speakers, mics, amplifiers, music and power to our wedding ceremony, they did it in such a seamless way that most of our guests didn’t know they were there.  There were no chords running down the isles.  No bulky speakers distracting from the beautiful view.  Never any screaming feedback. Just perfect, crisp sound.
  • After the ceremony, Gerry and Vera sprinted down the mountain ahead of all of our guests to our reception hall, where they welcomed everyone in with music.   Gerry and Vera handled everything at our reception.  An impromptu slide show.  An extremely elaborate game to raise some money for our honeymoon.  Our first dance.  Cutting the cake.  The timing and pace of the whole evening was perfect!  Most importantly, everyone had an amazing time.  I have never been to a wedding where the dance floor was full from the very first song to the very last song.   And when the last song ended at midnight, there were 100 people on the dance floor chanting “1 MORE SONG!!”, as if DAM productions were a rock band, and very hungry fans were desperately pleading for an encore.
  • I would recommend anyone use DAM productions.  If I had to do the whole thing over again, the only change I would make would be to get DAM involved much earlier in the process, because they took care of so many more things than we had ever expected.  SEAMLESS!

Thank you very much from two extremely happy newly weds,

Hillary and Topher Rowenhorst