Joseph & Angela Riehle

Gerry and Vera, who are very good friends of ours, did such an exceptional job with the music and MC at our wedding reception.  We could not have been more thrilled with the variety of music, which appeased everyone in attendance that evening, and just kept the house rocking all night long. They really took our requests to heart and made sure that everything followed well together.  One of the biggest things for us, was to make sure that our family tradition of the Slovak Bridal Dance, was incorporated into the night’s festivities, in which we had the time of our lives being able to carry that tradition through.

Long after the reception was over, many of our family and friends commented on how that was the best wedding reception that they have attended in years, which attests to Gerry and Vera’s professionalism and impeccable taste! We could not have been more honored to have been able to have Gerry and Vera there with us through the planning and present at the reception, and truly thank them for everything they have done for us! We highly recommend their services for all of your dance and music needs, no matter the occasion!

Angela & Joseph Riehle