Patricia L. Belanger

“As the producer of the Makeover Magic Show, I decided to hire Vera and Gerry Stephenson from D.A.M. (Dance and Music) Productions to act as my MC’s to handle the music, sound and logistics for the show.

This was a very complicated production that involved much more time, effort and planning than I originally budgeted for.  Not only did Gerry Stephenson work harder than anyone else on the production, his incredible attention to detail was invaluable to the success of the show.  He is quite simply “brilliant”, a technical genius with an ear for music and an understanding of what it takes to turn an ordinary event into something extraordinary.  He was thorough, a delight to work with, charming, talented and my show would have not been the success that it was, without him.  I hesitate to recommend him and his very beautiful wife Vera,  as I would prefer to keep them all to myself but if you want to make your night truly Magical………….than hire D.A.M. (Dance and Music) Productions but just for one night as I plan to use them for all of my upcoming events, they are the best in Colorado.”

Patrica L. Belanger

Producer – The Makeover Magic Show

President – Patricia’s Big Closet and The Patricia Be – Egyptian Gold Skincare Line”