Lionsgate Event Center

Marie Jenkinson

President & Owner

What do you like best about your job?
I love all of the different ideas that brides come up with, and how every wedding is unique.

Favorite memory from a Lionsgate event:

Ceremony when the groom presented the bride’s 5-year-old daughter with a neclakce to show he was committing his life to her too.I cried my eyes out because I could totally relate, as my son was also 5 when I got remarried to the best guy in the whole world. 

A word of advice for those planning an event:
Don’t go crazy and feel that you have to have everything and every idea in your wedding. Come up with a concept for your wedding and STICK TO IT – no matter what! If each decision you makes fits into your “concept” it will work overall for a unified and beautiful wedding. Oh yeah, and hire the best vendors you can possibly afford who can see your vision.